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What is Zoom and how does it work

What is Zoom and how does it work


Zoom  is a latest audio video software which is used for the official meeting. It works very easy especially for conference calls. Now, the question is that how does it work? Before this software, mostly Skype, Imo and Whatsapp were used for video calling.  But that video software had very less capacity to bring the community at the same time and on the same video call.    It is basically a web based software which is used for video conferencing.   For free version of the Zoom, maximum 100 people can come online at the same time and the same conference can also be recorded through this software.


Zoom Conference call

During the days of lock-down, most people worked from their homes for their company.   Zoom web based software has the capacity to bring all the co-workers, working from different cities on the same page.  Furthermore, the manager of any company can handle all the activities and provide the instruction to his employees of different cities while sitting in a room



How does Zoom Works.


Zoom Webinar

In 2019, most of the companies used Zoom web-based software for their interactions.  Zoom works easily because all its sessions are recorded which can be watched later.  Its pro version is also available, and by spending some amount, unlimited people can joined in one session.




Below is free trial version link of Zoom.




Anybody can download the Zoom in its PC or mobile phone and thereafter, use it for multipurpose meeting.  It has the capability to mute the audio or video while conferencing.

Zoom also works for Teaching purposes.

Now a day, most countries use the distance learning programmes.  Zoom pro version is useful to teach the students at same time.  In distance learning schooling, this software is very useful and students can utilize their energies by getting distance learning education through it with clear concept.

Zoom App on Google Play.

Zoom app is also available on Google play.  You can download it for your mobile phone or Mac from Google play store.


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