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Use of Electric motorcycles in Asia and other countries.

Use of Electric motorcycles in Asia and other countries.

Electric motorcycles in Asia.
Electric motorcycles in Asia.

If we talk about electric vehicles, the idea of ​​Tesla car, jolta electric motorcycle or a similar car immediately comes to our mind.  In the Asian countries a strong competition for the dominance of electronic vehicles is being fought over motorcycles.


Upon vising of most countries especially in Asia, one thing that immediately comes to mind and experience is the motorcycles running everywhere with families and single one.

The motorcycles are often playing the role of a family car because they are cheap because the fuel prices are increasing day by day and now the middle class also do not afford the same.    In Taiwan, Pakistan, Cambodia, India or Indonesia, it is common for the whole family to travel on the same motorbike and motorcycle.

Due the increase of use of motorcycles, it is the need of time to convert it in the electric motorcycles and motorbikes.  The electric motorcycles are very cheap as for as the consumption of fuel is concerned.

In fact, half of the world’s motorcycles are sold in Asia, and in most countries it would be unusual for a family not to have a motorcycle.  The ratio of having motorcycles in families,  in different countries is as under :

Thailand, 87 %.

       They usually use the type of scooter with the front foot of the occupant.

        Vietnam, 86%

        Indonesia, 85%

        In China and India, which have large population, the proportion is between 60% and 47%, but still much          higher than in the UK, where only 7% of households have a motorbike.

Jolta electric motorcycles.
Jolta electric motorcycles.

The majority of motorcycles in Asia run on petrol, but transport experts say the popularity of electronic motorcycles is growing rapidly.  The future of fuel motorcycles will be replaced by electric motorcycles.

Economist of an auto Intelligence Unit, says there are several reasons for the rise in sales of electronic motorcycles in Asia.

“First of all, earnings in Pakistan, India and Southeast Asia are still very low, so buying a car is not for everyone. Then especially at a time when food and fuel prices have risen, which has also increased the cost of having a petrol-powered car.  That’s why people are increasingly attracted to electric motorcycles.

The Expert says sales of electric motorcycles in Asia will increase three to four times from current levels by the end of this decade.


Earlier this year, a report predicted that worldwide sales of electric motorcycles would double from 7 15.73 billion in 2020 to 30 30.52 billion by 2030.


The definition and type of electric motorcycles.

  • Electronic motorbikes differ from electric pushbikes, also called e-bikes.
  • E-bikes are bicycles that have pedals, but electronic motor pedals help.
  • Electric push bikes have limited power and speed. In the UK, e-bikes are up to two and a half hundred watts and travel at a speed of only fifteen miles per hour.
  • In comparison, electric motorbikes can be as powerful and fast as petrol-powered bikes, and require a license.
  • The use of the word scooter also creates confusion, which has two meanings. The first scooter is a motorbike in which the feet sit forward
  • The second type of scooter is a kick scooter in which the user stands on a thin board and uses it by holding a long handle bar. This type of kick scooter is called an e-scooter and is very popular in the UK and Europe.

China currently dominates the global production of electronic motorcycles.

Beijing-based NIU Technologies, which launched the first model in 2015, is currently the largest maker of such motorbikes.

Electric motorcycles.
Electric motorcycles.

There are a lot of things that need to be upgraded before electric motorbikes become commonplace in Asia,” said a Chinese automotive analysis firm Sino Auto Insights.

The main and important issue is the lack of charging stations which makes it difficult to use electric motorcycles in rural areas.

The large Japanese companies such as Yamaha and Honda are now building electric models in electric motorcycles; new companies are leading the Asian market.

Taiwan’s Gogoro is also a company that is making electric motorcycles as well as solving the problem that no one has to stand while charging the bike.

Instead of charging points, electric motorcycles of GoGuru customers in Taiwan can go to any of the 2200 stores and get a new battery for free by paying for the old one.

The company now plans to pass on battery replacement hardware and its technology to other partner companies in Asia, including Hero in India, Gojik in Indonesia and DCJ and Yadia in China. Gogoro is also working on a partnership with Yamaha.


Some companies are dreaming big, there are also some that are facing big problems. India’s Ola Electric firm made headlines recently when one of its electric motorbikes caught fire.

The main cone of electric motorcycles are now that some time it caught fire.  The electric motorcycles companies have to assure the long-run of batteries and its safety.


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