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Treatment of Breast Cancer with Bee Venom

Treatment of Breast Cancer with Bee Venom

In  laboratory experiments, Australian scientists  have shown that the venom found in bees helps to kill some of the invasive breast cancer cells. This venom ” melatonin” has been used against a variety of cancers that are considered difficult to treat.

Treatment of Breast Cancer with Bee Venom
Treatment of Breast Cancer with Bee Venom

The advancement in research based on natural compound  is although interesting, but scientists are of the view  that more experiments and research is needed in this regard. The  breast cancer is very common in women around the world as well as in Pakistan.

The venom found in honey bees has recently been appeared to have hostile to malignant growth properties that could be utilized to treat different kinds of disease, including melanoma.

The examination, distributed by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Western Australia, is distributed in the diary Nature Precision Oncology.

What did the analysts discover?

During the Lab experiment , in excess of 300 bumble bee venom tests were tried. Planet Duffy, a 25-year-old PhD scientist, who drove the experiment , said the impacts of honey bee venom were incredibly amazing.

Because of the measure of toxic substance, the malignant growth cells were killed inside an hour.  They didn’t make a lot of harm different cells. In any case, expanding the portion likewise expanded the impacts.

Can it be used in the future?

Today, Rose Western, Australia’s chief scientist called the study “very interesting”.

Treatment of Breast Cancer with Bee Venom  is a very important discovery of how melatonin enters breast cancer cells and disrupts their signaling system.  So that they do not grow further. It’s a beautiful example of how we can find a cure for human diseases through compounds in nature.”

However, researchers warn that more research is needed to see if the toxin can be used as a cancer-fighting drug.

Other cancer researchers agree. It’s too early now, to  says this  natural compound as final cure of cancer. Multiple compounds can kill breast cancer cells in a single dish or in mice. Moreover, it will take time and more research to change clinical practice.

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