Tiktok has left behind the world most popular online service Google In the race.

TikTok is now the most visited online service in the world, and has left behind the most popular online service Google.


According to IT security company Cloud Flair, TikTok app now gets more users per day than this popular online service Google.

According to the rankings, TikTok snatched the position from Google in February, March and June this year and has been at the top since August.

Last year, Google was at number one, while TikTok, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix were all in the top 10.

CloudFlare says the website monitors these rankings through its traffic monitoring system and now TikTok  now gets more users than this popular online service Google.

One of the reasons for the huge increase in the popularity of TikTok  is believed to be the global corona virus epidemic in which people are confined to their homes and want to have fun during lockdowns. This is the reason to be considered that Tiktok has left behind the world most popular online service Google In the race.

According to data company Sensor Tower, TikTok had been downloaded more than three billion times by July this year.

Owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance, the app now has over one billion active users worldwide, and the number is growing.

In order to comply with the company’s censorship rules in China, the app is called Divine and runs on various networks.

The duo was released in September 2016 and this year China has ordered that children under the age of 14 will be able to spend only 40 minutes a day on the platform.

Security concerns

TikTok was launched internationally in 2018. It was created through an integration with another Chinese social media company, Musical.li, in which users could move their lips to the lyrics of songs.

And the platform has not been without controversy. It was temporarily banned in India in 2019, a US counter-intelligence investigation was launched against it and


4.3 million was spent on placing record videos of young users on its platform despite being known on Musical.lee. Was heavily fined.

As the only internationally successful Chinese app, politicians and regulators outside China have often expressed concerns about security and privacy.

Last year, TikTok had to issue a statement saying that it was not under the control of the Chinese government.

TikTok head of public policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Theo Bertram, said he would reject any request for data from China.

There are a variety of short videos on this app, ranging from comedy and dance to politics.

The most popular consumer makeup artist in the UK is byabbyroberts with 17.4 million followers.

This year, 16 Francis.Bourgeois, a user with 1.6 million followers, quit his job and started making videos about trains full time, as his videos of standing at train stations and talking about trains became hugely popular. Were

Food recipes

Foods and their recipes, where viral clips are viewed millions of times, also play a big role in the success of TikTok.

A new food delivery service called Tuck Talk Kitchen is set to launch in the United States in March, allowing people to order dishes made from viral videos.

The menu will feature the most viral food trends on the app and will include foods like baked feta pasta which was the most searched dish on Google in 2021.

Robert Earl is also a co-founder of TikTok Kitchens, which owns well-known US food outlets such as Planet Hollywood, Boca de Bipo and Bertuchi.

He says the launch plans to add 300 TikTok restaurants from across the country, and by the end of 2022 that number will exceed 1,000.

There will also be a number of restaurants in TikTok Kitchen owned by Robert Earl’s China.



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