Dgeneration novel

The best novel D Generation on Pakistani society and Culture.

Since I completed my study in literature, I have read many novels describing and covering the Pakistani society. You will find a number of fictions and novels qua the Pakistani social life, but if we are curious to know about the social orders, suffice it to say that “D Generation” novel is the best.

Dgeneration novel

For me, the best novel D Generation on Pakistani society, not only portrays the various social structures of Pakistan but also dissects them with a surgical precision. This magnum opus, simply titled “D Generation”, undoubtedly the epitome of Pakistani literature and a must-read for any one seeking to comprehend the complexities of our society.

This is a brutally honest tale of clash between old and new social order in Southern Punjab of Pakistan. D Generation novel revolves around thematic strands of patriarchy, misogyny, religious extremism, political corruption and greed of men.

Novel D Generation.

H Mehdi Leghari Author of Novel D Generation.

H Mehdi Leghari, Author of Novel, D Generation

why I have selected
“D Generation” as the best novel covering the Pakistani Society.

D Generation novel includes the gloomy realities of present day life accurately and thereunder it portrays a stark sketch of loveless world and how we have collectively caused this degeneration. This novel quest the readers who want to read about the transformation of culture, social norms and traditions in Pakistan over last few decades.


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