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Register here for Petrol subsidy of Rs.2000.

Register here for Petrol subsidy of Rs.2000.

After increase in petrol prices, government has announced a relief package of Rs.2000/- as a petrol subsidy for bike .  The process to get susta petrol in shape of subsidy is very easy.

petrol subsidy.
petrol subsidy.

اپنا شناختی کارڈ ن،نمبر  786 پر بھہج دیں۔  حکو مت پاکیستان تصدیق کے بعد اپکو 2000 روپے بھیج دے گی۔

Who will eligible for petrol subsidy for bike.

The finance minister cleared that we have made the process very easy this time to avail petrol subsidy in susta petrol scheme for the people how use the bike.  A woman who is married or any widow of the family who has earning of less than 40.000 rupees will send the message from their mobile to 786 and the government, after verification in some days, immediately will send the petrol subsidy amount for bike to that phone number.  The susta petrol and diesel scheme is applicable all for who are earning less than 40,000/- per month.  This amount is as a compensation for low earning people as subsidy for their bike.

The families who are already getting relief in shape of Benazir income support programme or Ehsaas programme will also get benifit from petrol subsidy.  The process is very clear.  From 1st June 2022, send a CNIC number of female of head of your family to 786 and the Government, after some verification, will confirm whether one is eligible to get petrol subsidy of Rs.2000/- or not.

Address of Finance Minister regarding Petrol subsidy.

Finance Minister, addressing in a press conference, said that the families having BISP Card will automatically receive Rs.2000/- in shape of susta petrol and susta diesel scheme.  He said that petrol subsidy for the bikers will give further relief to the low caste people.

He further added that near about 85 billion will be benefited from this bike petrol subsidy scheme.  Finance minister says that we have made the process very easy to get Rs.2000/- who are eligible for petrol subsidy having bikes in susta petrol and susta diesel scheme.


Pm subsidy scheme.
Pm subsidy scheme.

Percentage of Petrol subsidy.

Most  of the people in the country use the bike and spend an average petrol of 30 liter per month.  This petrol subsidy will not effect them to increase in petrol and diesel prices.

It is pertinent to mention here that Government has not provided any relief for the people who uses diesel for the irrigation purpose.

He further argued that this petrol bike subsidy amount of petrol for is almost 7% of their income who are earning less than Rs.40000/- per month.

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