Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program

How to apply in Kamyab Jawan Programme.

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan program.

Prime Minister has made another initiative in the shape of Kamyab Jawan Program.  This program will not only enhance the business of youth but also for them who want to start their own new business and they have no source to start the same.


Application for on line apply in Kamyab Jawan Programme.

Furthermore, it’s  especially focused for the youth of age 21 to 45 and (18 for IT specialist).  This Kamab Jawan program will provide the subsidy by Government.   The kamyab jawan program loan is available on very easy installments. Before this, Ehsas program has already been completed.


Kamyab Jawan Program
Kamyab Jawan Program

In addition to, this Kamyab Jawan Program will cover all the provinces including Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and Sindh.  25% of this loan is exclusive for the women entrepreneurs.   Through this loan program, women of Pakistan will also be able to start their own business.


The mark-up is very easy.  The Youth has to re-pay the loan with very easy mark-up of 3%, 4% and 5%.

Eligibility Criteria for kamyab jawan programme.

Click above for complete information about eligibility criteria.

For complete Instruction about Kamyab Jawan Program click below

Complete instruction regarding kamyab jawan programme.

Apply for this program before it expires.  The further detail regarding Prim Minister Kamyab Jawan programme is as under.

In order to support Unemployed Youth, Government of Pakistan launched Prime Minsister’s Kamyab Jawan SME Lending Program across the county. This program is offering opportunities to Potential Entrepreneur to utilize their skills. All eligible persons can apply for the loan by visiting Kamyab Jawan Portal other than through designated online portal application is not acceptable. Salient Features of Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme Age

I. All citizen of Pakistan holding CNIC, aged between 21 and 45 years with entrepreneurial potential are eligible. For IT/E-Commerce related businesses, the lower age limit will be 18 years.

II. Above age limit condition is applicable on individual and sole proprietors. In case of all other forms of business including partnership and companies, only one of the owners, partners or directors must be in the age bracket prescribed above Gender Men/Women Type of Businesses Small and medium Enterprises (startups and existing businesses) as per definition of SBP and owned by youth as per above mentioned age brackets. Loan Size, Pricing & Security Tier Loan Amount Pricing Security T-I Rs. 0.1 M to Rs. 1 M 3% per annum Clean loan T-II Above Rs. 1 M up to Rs 10 M 4% per annum Secured loan T-III Above Rs. 10 M up to Rs 25 M 5% per annum Secured loan Vehicle financed under T1, T2 and T3 to serve as collateral. Purpose of Loan 1.Setting up of New Business 2. Expansion of Existing Business Equity For New Business: T-I: 10% T-II & T-III: 20% For Existing Businesses: NIL Sectors All sectors including agriculture Loan Type Long Term Loan/Working Capital Loan including Murabaha and leasing/ financing of locally manufactured vehicles for commercial use. Only one vehicle per borrower is allowed. Loan Tenor Up to 8 Years with Maximum Grace Period of up to 1 Year Loan Repayment Based on Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) payable on the 1st of every month Fees & Charges Processing Fee: Rs. 100 Other Charges: At Actuals Documentation Requirement The applicant must have pictures / scanned copies of the following documents, whichever relevant, before starting their application:


1. Clear Visible Picture 2. CNIC – Front and Back separately 3. Educational Degree, upload highest degree 4. Technical Degree, upload relevant to the business applied for 5. Proof of Artisanship / Skilled Labor, if available 6. Experience Certificates, preferably all 7. License, if applicable e.g. for commercial vehicle, medical store etc. In case you have applied for the license upload the receipt exhibiting the same. 8. NTN and Latest Tax return, we recommend to get NTN issued before filing application 9. Reference / Consumer Number of Electricity connection Installed at Residential address 10. Business Feasibility / Estimates of actual/expected business revenues and expenses 11. Any other source of income e.g. foreign remittance, salary income, agriculture income etc. 12. Registration number of any vehicle registered in your name or in parents name in case of females. 13. Two References CNICs 14. Entity Existence documents in case of Partnership / limited company and relevant approvals. Additional Documents for Existing Business: 1. Latest Financials – Signed 2. Bank Account Statement or Bank Maintenance Certificate

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