Juvenile Justice System.

Presentation on Juvenile Justice System

Presentation on Juvenile Justice System.

Juvenile justice system is now common in all over the world.  The first Juvenile Court started to perform  in 1899 in United States.  Moreover, it was passed as an Act in 2018 in Pakistan through Parliament.  This post consists of presentation of juvenile justice system.

The  presentation over power Point, covers all aspects of this System.  Therefore, Click below to download the presentation.

Presentation on Juvenile Justice System

The above Presentation covers determination of age, classification and  bail including case laws on juvenile justice system.  The relevant case laws about it are as under :-

Case Laws.

  • 2010 S C M R 182 Muhammad Zubair Vs
  • 2011 YLR 261 Muhammad Naeem VS
  • 2002 MLD 1817 Raja Amanullah and others Vs State
  • 2020 PLD 356
  • 2020 MLD 659.


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