Pakistan apparel

Pakistan textile industry overtake India in domestic textile exports.

Pakistan textile industry overtake India in domestic textile exports.

Pakistan apparel
Pakistan apparel

Ladies garments manufactured in a factory in Karachi, Sindh Province, Pakistan are exported to the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the owner of the factory, Seema Khan, in recent times there has been an increase in the export of his factory-made works to the United States.

He said that along with the Pakistani and Indian communities living in the United States, his works are also in demand in the local population.

He said that the works made in his factory are worn with jeans as an easy dress. Seema Khan said that earlier these crafts used to go to America from India and Bangladesh but due to severe lockdown their supply from there was disrupted and they benefited from it and they exported these crafts to America in large numbers. Are

Seema Khan said she still has export orders for the next five to six months, but she is worried about rising cotton yarn prices in Pakistan, which will push up the price of her products in the future. I can affect their business.

Sialkot-based Ashraf Industries has also seen an increase in exports to the United States. Ashraf Industries exports physical fitness apparel to the United States, including martial arts and other apparel apparel.

Ejaz Khokhar, managing director of Ashraf Industries, said that apart from the United States, they have received a lot of orders from Europe and Japan, one of the reasons being the lockdown in these countries due to Corona Warriors, which has limited people to their homes. However, they need clothes for physical fitness.

Pakistan garments.
Pakistan garments.

Ejaz Khokhar, who is also the chief coordinator of the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exports Association, said the lockdown caused by the corona virus has confined Americans to their homes. There was an increase in usage.

Zubair Chawla, an exporter of home products from Karachi to the United States, the Middle East and Europe, said that their exports to the United States have increased as well as to the Middle East and Europe.

He said that the conditions were favorable for the export of his products from Pakistan which led to his good income but Zubair Chawla was uncertain about his future. According to him, the situation does not look so favorable now as the prices of cotton yarn have gone up which is not good for future deals.

Exports of domestic garments from Pakistan, which are considered in the ‘apparel’ category in the textile sector, have seen a huge increase this year and Pakistan has also surpassed India in exports in this sector.


Samia Khan still has export orders for the next five to six months

Pakistani embroidery
Pakistani embroidery

Businessmen in the sector hail Pakistan’s exports as a welcome development over India’s, but are concerned about the continuation of the trend, partly due to a shortage of cotton yarn in the country. The department may face difficulties in the coming days and may fail to meet export orders.

How much apparel was exported from Pakistan to USA?

According to a media statement by Razzaq Dawood, Pakistan’s trade adviser, Pakistan is a major supplier of apparel to the United States during the Corona Warriors.   Pakistan textile is exporting domestic apparel at large. Although India and Bangladesh lead the US market in this sector, imports to this sector in the US increased by 3.2% till February this year and Pakistan topped the list.

Talking about Pakistan’s performance in this sector, Razzaq Dawood said that it shows that Pakistan has become a reliable supplier of these items in the world.

Javed Balwani, chairman of Pakistan Apparel Forum, told BBC Urdu that T-shirts, pajamas, jogging tracks and other such products have become more popular in the United States.

He said that Pakistan’s performance in this sector has been good in the past and Pakistan has already performed well in the US market in the field of these garments and it has been competing with India and China.

What is the reason for US exports more than Pakistan?

Talking about more April exports from Pakistan to the United States, Javed Balwani said that Pakistan benefited from two or three factors.

“On the one hand, despite the Corona virus epidemic in Pakistan, there was no severe lockdown and our factories continued to operate due to the smart lockdown. On the other hand, the severe lockdown in India affected their manufacturing sector and they had to come from the United States.” Failed to fulfill orders.


Javed Balwani said that due to Corona Lockdown in the United States, people are confined to their homes and at home they wear T-shirts, pajamas, etc. or use jogging tracks for exercise.

In this regard, Ejaz Khokar said that the export of home textiles from Pakistan to the United States has increased ie home-made products and garments due to which people are confined to their homes due to lockdown in the United States.

He said that the lockdown in India benefited Pakistani exporters but at the same time the US dispute with China also benefited Pakistan’s export sector. Explaining this, he said that due to some issues in China’s cotton region, the United States was boycotting cotton products coming from the region, which was benefiting Pakistan.

Will the growth in domestic garment exports continue?

People in this sector are not very optimistic about the future performance of home appliances, which are more exported from Pakistan to the United States.

India’s manufacturing sector is fully operational, it will be difficult for Pakistan to maintain this trend.


He said that with the opening up of India’s manufacturing sector, there are also internal problems facing the sector within Pakistan, the main reasons being lack of cotton production in the country and low supply of yarn which is the main raw material of the sector Is.

Pakistan is benefiting from the lockdown in India but as soon as the lockdown in India ends and their factories start production, Pakistan may lose this golden opportunity.

Ejaz Khokar said that India has produced 5 million bales more than last season. On the other hand, cotton production in Pakistan has been steadily declining and this year only 6 million bales of cotton were produced while our consumption is 12 million bales.

“At a time when Pakistan is benefiting from the lockdown in India and can gain a foothold in the US market permanently,  by exporting domestic textile, the shortage of yarn here could be dangerous for its future,” he said.

Javed Balwani termed the shortage of yarn as a ploy of the spinning lobby and said that the sector was mostly in the hands of politicians who were against the import of yarn from abroad and created shortage here.

He said that if today Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan in the world in the field of garments, it is also because of the spinning sector.

Javed Balwani said that Bangladesh entered the world market through sewing machine i.e. they make garments and sell value added products in the world.

“We entered the world market through the spinning thread in the textile sector, which left us behind in value addition.”

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