Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Earn money online.

If you‘re interested to earn money online, then you‘re on right post.  In this post, I shall tell you very easy ways to earn money online.  Some instruments ‘re very necessary for earning online.  You need a computer and an internet connection.  Now days, it’s not necessary to have a …

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What is Fascism and its history


History of Fascism. ? It means dictatorship, ruled by one person through a military group.  It’s history lays in the era of 1919 to 1945, fascism dominated many societies and countries.  In-fact, after the word wars, ruling concept by one military dictator group emerged.  Example of Fascism is Benito Mussolini …

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Thesis on Law. Comparative study right to bail

Thesis On Law comparative study on right to bail This thesis on law, titled comparative study on bail in different countries, is about the concept of bail in UK, Pakistan, and United States.  As this thesis on law is for the student of law, but it especially covers the requirements …

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Socialism and Capitalism Socialism and Capitalism are two different schools of thoughts.  Both are related to the living of social life, but in different way.  Government controls socialism while people directly control Capitalism   In the capitalism, people are free to get their property, and there-under to use it for their …

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Depression and Anxiety, its Symptoms and Treatment

depression and anxiety

What is Depression? Depression is a world-wide phenomenon.  It remained in different shapes affecting the people in different ways in their lives.  Depression and anxiety also developed with the advancement and thereunder in the development of living of mankind.  Latest figures transpire that more than 322 million people are affected …

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