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Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone

Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone

After constant failure, Nokia is going to launch a mobile phone in Android Technology.   Furthermore, Nokia after its hard work is going to launch Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone.  This Nokia phone is with amazing features.

Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone


This smart phone is with great specification.  It is with dual nano sims with SD Card having CPU of 1.4 Ghz Quad Core Cortex-A53.  Though its price is reasonable, but one will feel using a high end mobile phone.  The most important up gradation in this  Phone is its 2GB   RAM with 16 GB ROM.

Advanced Features in Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone.

Nokia company has launched this mobile phone with some advanced features.  It has 8 MP camera with amazing capturing plus 5 MP front Camera.  In addition, the camera is with auto focused LED flash.    Furthermore, this phone is coming with pure Android OS, which only carries by Samsung 5.5 Inch display.

4G connectivity.

Nokia 2.1 Plus Mobile Phone is enabled with 4G connectivity, which’s amazing as for as the price of this mobile phone is concerned.



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