Kamyab Pakistan programme.

Kamyab Pakistan Program 2022|| How to get loan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, has announced  free loans program of worth Rs. 407 billion in the country under the Kamyab Pakistan Program, said that this initiative would make the country’s poor economically self-sufficient.

Kamyab Pakistan programme.
Kamyab Pakistan programme.

The loans are for small businesses, housing, and farmers.

The government has also launched a business loan scheme for youth under the Kamyab Youth Program before the Kamyab Pakistan Program.

The program is being hailed by the government as an effective measure to alleviate poverty in the country and will be extended to families who are included in the Ehsaas program’s database in Pakistan.


It should be noted that this program is running on a limited scale in all four provinces of the country, Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir. The government claims that Rs 2.5 billion has been distributed under it.

However, the government has now announced the launch of this program on a large scale and under this the amount of interest free loans has now been increased to more than 400 billion.


More than 400 billion interest-free loans under the Kamyab Pakistan Program have been announced at a time when the government has also reduced the prices of petrol, diesel and electricity in the country.

Kamyab Pakistan


What is Kamyab Pakistan Program?

According to the written information provided to this correspondent by the Federal Ministry of Finance of Pakistan, this program was launched in November 2021. However, initially this program was limited and only interest-free loans were provided in some parts of the country.

According to the information provided, under this limited scale program more than two and a half billion loans were provided which in the first four months were given to 15 thousand people in the form of interest free loans.

However, since the month of March, the program has been greatly expanded and its scope has been extended across the country.

Under the expanded program, interest free loans of Rs. 407 billion will be provided across the country by the end of this financial year and next two financial years.

The government plans to provide these loans not only for the next three years but also in the coming years. According to government documents, interest-free loans of Rs 1,000 billion will be provided by the end of the financial year 26-2025.

Under this program interest free loans will be provided for Kamyab businesses, Kamyab farmers and construction of low cost houses and under all these categories a family will be able to get loans.

According to government documents, a Kamyab Overseas Pakistan project under the same program is also under consideration which will be given to poor Pakistanis who get jobs abroad but do not have the required amount for travel visa and related expenses. ۔

This initiative can help increase remittances by helping these Pakistanis.

How to get interest free loans under the program?

The government has developed a portal for obtaining loans under the Kamyab Pakistan program and any person wishing to take a loan through the free phone number can know whether he can get the loan or not.

Once the eligibility for the loan is confirmed, the program forms in Urdu and English will be available on the government portal.

Application approval time is 30 days. The fee is Rs. 100 which includes NADRA ID card verification fee.

Under this scheme, a loan of Rs 500,000 can be taken for small business while a farmer can get a loan of up to Rs 350,000 under this program. Similarly, loans of up to Rs 2 million will be provided for house construction.

How much financial burden will the government bear in Kamyab Pakistan Program.

Loans under the Kamyab Pakistan Program will be issued to the general public from the country’s banks, but the government will pay the interest rates charged by the banks out of its own pocket in the form of subsidies.

It should be noted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has objected to the concessional loans given by the government in the construction sector, but now the government will issue loans from banks under this program and pay the subsidy out of pocket.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the government will pay  the subsidy.

It may be recalled that at present the country is facing high budget deficit and subsidies given to various sectors are also considered as one of the reasons for this.

Economist Dr. Alia Khan told this correspondent that the IMF has objected to the concessional loans given in the housing sector and it is likely that this objection will also come to the Kamyab Pakistan program.

Rashid Masood Alam, an expert on banking affairs, said that the government would provide subsidy but it would not be possible due to high budget deficit.

Will Kamyab Pakistan program successful?

The government has announced the eradication of poverty through a Kamyab Pakistan program which will try to make the country’s poor economically self-sufficient.

Rashid Masood Alam said in this regard that programs like Kamyab Pakistan program have been coming in Pakistan in different forms in the past but they have not yielded any significant result.

He said that when the yellow taxi scheme was launched under Nawaz Sharif, the scheme of giving rickshaws to the poor was announced under Pervez Musharraf but the poor sections of the society could not rise above these schemes.

Dr. Alia said that no business can be started just by giving money but there are many problems in Pakistan to start it without which no business can grow.

He said that such loans are also provided in Europe but they have adopted a special procedure for this which is analyzed before the loan for business and then monitored that Has the loan been used for the right purpose and has yielded the desired results?

Dr. Alia said that no such system has yet come into existence in Pakistan due to which it has often been observed that such schemes are unable to give the desired results.  It is hoped that this kamyab Pakistan program will change the lives of people.

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