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Iphone 12 and covid 19 app


IPhone 12 users have difficulty running the UK’s Covid 19 app

The ‘iPhone 12‘ and ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ were launched last Friday which have reportedly error for covid 19 app.

Numerous users of the ‘iPhone 12’ and ‘iPhone 12 Pro’, which launched last Friday, have reported that the phone is showing them an error message when using the NHS Code 19 app.

Apple’s new phones can actually run software in the UK and Wales designed by the National Health Service to detect contact with a Corona victim.

But the problem arises when you transfer apps from your old phone to a new phone via iCloud backup, which is a common thing.

It is fixed while changing the ‘Settings’ menu.

This can easily be addressed by making a change within the Settings menu.

Users should:

  • select the Notifications listing
  • then tap on Exposure Notifications
  • then turn on the Allow Notifications option.

When users install the app for the first time, the phone asks them for permission.

But the downside is that when you move Apple apps to a new phone, the phone doesn’t ask your permission, and it’s not entirely clear to the general public that there is a need to do so.

As a result, the app’s Bluetooth-based ‘matching facility’ doesn’t work.

It is designed to protect the privacy of consumers.

However, the app shows that the alert indicates that there are other reasons.

Many users received this error message

When matter complicated

Matters were further complicated when the company’s Twitter account stated that the iPhone 12 was one of those phones that had not been tested for software compatibility.

Some users removed the app and re-downloaded it from the App Store, prompting the phone to request ‘exposure notification’ permission.

However, as a result of this technique, all the information stored in the app disappears.   It also includes the places where users have ‘checked in’.

About 1.8 million people have so far installed the NHS Code 19 app. In addition to contact detection, it is used to record visits to restaurants and leisure facilities, as well as to request for corona virus testing and testing.

Sources said that  last week Chinese company Huawei is also working with NHS ‘test.  They are also on to trace’ officials to make the app work on its new phones as well.


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