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How to reduce fat.

How to reduce fat.

In this era of machinery, almost every one is worried about his health particular how to reduce the fat.  Due to the lack of exercise, most people are worried about their fat and increasing their weight.  Losing weight, and looking smart, is the desire of every one especially the young generation.

How to reduce fat.
How to reduce fat.

Smartness and health life is also a soothing effect.  People with less belly weight, have blessing sleeping. Most of the fat causes are due to life style and junky foods.

Pakistan’s young generation is more prone to fat.

Fat reduce position in Pakistan.

Like other countries in the world, the people of Pakistan also face health problems due to fat that is why they think mostly how to reduce their fat.  Although statistics are not available in this regard regarding fat people.  According to experts, an estimated one-third of the country’s population is overweight and suffering with the problems of fat.

Not only that, but 10 to 15 percent of the total population of the country, i.e more than 20 million people are regularly getting fat.

However, unlike developed countries, Pakistan lacks awareness of the causes of fatness and the seriousness of its harmful effects on health.  They are also lack of information as to how they can reduce their fat.


That is why fat is especially prevalent among the younger generation. This becomes even more dangerous when the proportion of young people in the total population of Pakistan is about 60%.

Present General and fat problems.

The problems of the present generation are twofold in terms of fat and its complications. There is a straightforward rule that eating too much and not exercising will make you fat. However, in this age of innovation, the factors that add to such a lifestyle include junk food and a fast-paced routine.


A healthy lifestyle that includes eating, sleeping, waking up and exercising on time can be difficult to achieve. These are issues that the younger generation should at least be aware of.

However, according to experts, there are some factors that cause fatness that most people are either unaware of or are being mistakenly used as a means of fulfilling the requirements of modern times.

how to reduce fat.
how to reduce fat.

Unlike developed countries, Pakistan lacks awareness of the causes of fatness and the seriousness of its adverse effects on health.

This is generally true, but not necessarily. Why is it that two people who eat the same and the same amount of food and both do not exercise, one of them is thin and the other is fat?

What Doctors says about reduction of fat.

A renewned psychiatrist with extensive teaching experience in the field of medicine, says that each person’s ability to absorb food or use calories varies. The beneficial germs found in the intestines of some people also make hidden calories for them.

“However, it is true for the average person that if you exercise less than you eat, you will gain weight.”

Something similar happened to a young man with the age of 24-year. From an early age, he started eating junk food, such as burgers, pizza, fritters, samosas, and cold drinks.

“My weight increased from 70kg to 125kg, which I have brought to 115kg in the last six months after exercise,” he says.  He said that he used many tactics to reduce his fat.

He had not any health problem so far, but due to fat, he must has faced social pressure and it proved to be a motivation for him to lose weight.

What is the social pressure on fat people?

He says that there is social pressure and also pressure from the family. You also have to be fit in the society, taunts are not tolerated again and again.

However, and other young man says he wants to look good himself and is continuing to do so.  He plans to achieve his goal of regaining 70kg by controlling his diet and walking.  In this way, he will definitely reduce his weight and fat.

Reducing fatness by joining Gym.

We met an gym owner.  He said that now a days, more and more young men are turning to the gym these days, but it is not possible for most women to do so for a number of reason in order to reduce their fat.

It involves a lot of stereotypes associated with the disease and then exercise.


However, another young man of, 28 year, is one of those people who has the resources and time to go to a good gym in the city to work out.

He runs his own business and says he has lost about 28 kg in the last eight months under the advice of a nutritionist and under the supervision of an exercise specialist. This is the big achievement for him to reduce his fat.

Life Style and fatness.

Due to his sluggish lifestyle and overeating of pizza and burgers, he weighed in at 107 kg, which caused him to start walking and sitting up as well as other ailments. The amount of uric acid in his body was also increased He further said:-

“My posture changed because I was overweight. If he sat down, his heart did not want to get up, so he kept sitting. That’s how my life got so slow. ”

He said that the reason he went into this lifestyle was because his routine was chaotic. “I didn’t have time to wake up. There was no habit of eating like this, he used to eat whatever he could find and he used to eat a lot of burgers etc. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

However, when he decided to give up this way of life and adjust his routine, it was not difficult for him to find time for himself, because his focus was to reduce his fat and weight.

“Anyone who says he doesn’t have time for himself is wasting his life. Ever since I started exercising, I feel 200 percent better and more efficient”.

He believes that young people should strive for such an effective lifestyle as much as possible and should not care about anyone. “I never thought about what people would say. I don’t care.”

However, it is often difficult for obese people to get rid of this fear.

A renowned Doctor says that the best way to avoid fat is to eat less.

“A loaf of bread gives you 70 to 80 calories and you have to walk at least 1.3 kilometers to digest it. It’s harder to do or exercise, so it’s best to eat less.


The doctor also says that one of the reasons for the increase in the rate of fat is the trend in which newborns are being given formula milk instead of breast milk.

Speaking to a renowned broadcast, the doctor explained that the idea was that children were suffering from malnutrition at an early age due to poor nutrition and a serious cycle of diseases such as cholera.

Children and Fat problems.

‘Children who use cow’s and buffalo’s milk in dirty water as a child are exposed to cholera, thus reducing the ability of their intestines to digest or absorb nutrients. Is done It weakens their immune system and they get cholera again.


In this way, children become severely malnourished by being trapped in a serious circle. It may be recalled that the rate of stunting in Pakistan is 44% due to age and body, due to which children are not able to achieve their IQ level and growth according to age.

“These are the children who suffer from malnutrition at an early age. When they survive, they adapt their bodies in such a way that they save all the calories.” These kids become obese when they grow up because they start consuming extra calories and that’s a well-known scientific fact.



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