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How to make money online by freelancing.

How to make money online by freelancing.

online freelancing.
online freelancing.

When Zahid Rahim came to Islamabad from Nowshera to work as an office boy, he saw that people who work in a better position than him work relatively less and earn more money. At that time he does not know how to earn money through online by freelancing.

It was difficult for him to pursue higher education on his own salary after Intermediate, so he took short courses to learn skills in the field of IT instead.

Today, Zahid, 26, is doing a job at a software house that he says has a lot of respect and money, but shortens the daily workload.

Higher education in Pakistan is becoming more expensive with each passing year and unemployment is considered a major problem in the country. Many, like Zahid, are looking for ‘digital ways’ to earn money by learning skills through the internet or short courses.

From his experience, Zahid says with great confidence that despite the expensive degree or low education, people in Pakistan can learn IT skills and earn money through online work by freelancing.

“I saw that I would not be able to study further on this salary,” he says. So I dropped out of school and went to work as a receptionist.

“I wanted to learn what skills people have in better positions than me, so I felt that if I learned these skills, (less) education would not be an obstacle for me.

“I decided to learn skills and took a short course in web and graphic designing from the National Training Bureau. It got me a job on the day of my exam.

Zahid says that this skill has increased his value and respect in any software house.

online earning
online earning

“Then I tried to improve my skills by learning more Microsoft software … Things keep changing. I kept improving my skills to make good money.

When he was an Interpass, he could earn very little money even after working eight hours a day, six days a week. But now, based on these abilities, they get relatively more money despite working fewer hours.

After working as an office boy, Zahid now works in the field of artificial intelligence and works as a data labelling technician.

He says the job of data labelling is not common in Pakistan but he is still doing it because the skill is valued globally and local people have the opportunity to make good money through the internet.

“Only skills are available in the market. As fast as the world is changing, if I limit myself to this skill and don’t update myself on a daily basis, I may disappear from the market three years later.

He believes that a higher education degree is necessary but a large number of people in Pakistan cannot afford it and it can be more beneficial for people who want to do research or do something new.  So he decided to make money online by freelancing.

“If someone is just studying for a job, I would say that you must learn such unique skills with him . Even in degrees, people learn skills in order to earn money. If you don’t learn a skill in a degree, it’s just a piece of paper.

So far, they have learned skills in many fields besides web designing and e-commerce so that they can work in any software company.

Thanks to Zahid’s abilities, he once “escaped dismissal.”

He says there was a situation in one office where he was losing his job after two or three hours. At the same time, my boss got a job that no one was coming to and luckily only me was coming.

“I went to my boss, he worked and then worked there for two more years.”

The decision to learn skills and work for yourself to make money online by freelancing.

There was a time when Laiba Azhar thought that making money online was ‘probably a fake scheme’. But now she has been a freelancer for the last five years and earns millions of rupees a month from her web designing company.

Laiba, 23, is one of them. He became interested in freelancing when he saw people around him at the university making money online.

During the fourth semester of software engineering at the university, he decided to pay for his education through freelancing.

Laiba wanted to learn website design for freelancing because it was not part of her degree. For this, he made Google and YouTube his teachers.

“I learned from my colleagues that it is possible to work online by creating an account on Fire (freelancing platform).”

Like most freelancers, he did different things in freelancing than what he studied in his degree.

“We do not say leave the degree. Instead, we say learn skills that will help you make money online (in addition to your job).

“In my first order, I had to build a WordPress website, which was a 25 25 (about four thousand rupees) project. That was a big deal for me at the time.

“But now my company’s income is five to six lakh rupees.”

She says the first condition of freelancing is to learn a skill, such as SCO, digital marketing, graphic designing and web designing.

earn money through freelancing.
earn money through freelancing.

“Everybody needs their website and branding these days so they can outperform their competitors. People can learn any skill they are interested in and do freelancing.

She says that on websites like Firewall, Upwork and Freelancer.com, people can find jobs and clients according to their skills.

According to Laiba, people can also get projects through social media. In the beginning, they have to build their portfolio to prove that they are useful. According to him, if the client likes your work, he will definitely give you a job.

Along with her work, she also teaches freelancing to people of all ages. They are often approached by people who find it easy to make money at home. Or people who don’t have jobs.

“Many of my friends have engineering degrees but don’t have jobs. Because of this she has been running her home since freelancing.

“As soon as people graduate, they have to make money immediately to support their families financially. In that case, freelancing would enable them to earn money quickly.

According to him, in order to make money online, it is necessary to have the passion and patience to learn skills.

He says he started freelancing in 2016 and “earned ڈالر 20,000 (more than Rs 2 million) in just 11 months.”

According to him, at that time there was less competition in the world in terms of freelancing but now the crowd has increased and it is not easy to find so much work. But luck can sometimes surprise you.

“I once made 00 1,800 (about Rs. 250,000) in just 24 hours.”

Now she is so good at her job that sometimes she has so many online workbooks that she has to give it up. “Just like yesterday I was getting a job for ڈالر 500 (about 80,000 rupees) but I already had so much work that I couldn’t do it.”

But that doesn’t mean you can make that much money every day. She says there is a freelancing season. “Maybe one day you work too hard and one day you don’t get a job.”

Laiba says that after a degree, your income varies from freelancing to a job. It all depends on how much work you do and how much you earn by the hour.

She explains that there are many advantages to freelancing, but there are also some disadvantages, such as the fact that some people do not pay for work by cheating. However, often the payment system is better on good platforms and you will definitely get paid for your work after paying their fees.

According to her, working from home can be a good source of income for women.

“In our society, most girls are not allowed to work outside, so they can earn money at home.” For this you need a laptop and internet at home with skills.

She gives her own example of work from home: “As a housewife, I have one foot in the kitchen, and the other in the office.” According to her, she is able to maintain a balance between the two by working from home.

Even after making millions of rupees online by freelancing, people continue to consider themselves unemployed.

Zakir Ahmad Shah teaches WordPress in the online training program DJ Skills.

He says that through this government project, people in 20 countries are being trained in online courses on the Internet.

Zakir, 29, said he is approached by retired people in their 60s and 65s, from seventh and eighth graders, to learn freelancing and other IT-related skills.

On how he became a freelancer, he said, ‘My friends at the university gave me links to websites (where freelancing work was available). I created an account that way and I got a job for five dollars an hour.

“I had to style the website. But I didn’t know that.   An Indian manager there explained to me that this would be the job. I learned about it at university so I did it.

“I did it in four hours and I got ڈالر 20, which was a lot more at the time. From there my journey began.

“Now my monthly income is six, seven lakh rupees. There are some months in which my monthly income is Rs 2 million or more. In addition to freelancing, I am still providing digital marketing, consultancy and other such services.

Zakir says that more than his university degree, he benefited from learning the skills that were in demand and earning good money online.

This way of earning a living is probably unusual for many people. That is why they have faced obstacles in this practice.

“I have been working as a freelancer since 2012. I also earn a lot of money. But my family and others kept telling me to look for a job.

“They thought I was unemployed. They thought he had no work and was just wasting time sitting at the computer. It was unbelievable to them that one could work from home.

He advises young students to use social media as a source of online income.

“Instead of wasting time on talk or social media, people can earn money by learning from them. You can create videos, manage people’s videos or their profiles on YouTube and Facebook, run an ad campaign on TikTak. ‘

According to him, there are two kinds of skills. One that runs one’s kitchen and the other that you do for fun. Unless the kitchen is running, you can’t have a hobby. ‘

They teach their students skill-based learning skills so that they can earn a living. Overseas Pakistanis often call them and tell them that they too have to learn freelancing or other skills.

“Once a trainee girl from Sindh called us and told us that her father works as a postmaster on a salary of Rs 20,000 and now I have earned Rs 30,000 after completing the training.

“She was very happy to help her father with the household expenses.”

He says many people in Pakistan do not have the resources to earn degrees worth millions of rupees.

‘Degree is a good thing if you can. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a degree. You can learn skills to run your own home.

Zakir emphasizes that young people can acquire skills from platforms such as UDMA, DJ Skills, YouTube or Google to support themselves and their families.

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