Difference between love and lust.

How to make difference between lust and love.

How to make difference between lust and love.

People who are in love find the world beautiful, but it is very difficult to make difference between lust and love.

Difference between love and lust.
Difference between love and lust.

As soon as you hear the name of love, your heart starts tickling. If you are in love, the world looks beautiful and more beautiful. People around you look good and the heart stays as it is.

There are many ways to express the feeling of love but have you ever wondered what is going on in your mind when you love someone?

Are you really in love with someone or it is just your lust? This is also a very complex question but what is the difference between love and lust and how to recognize it?

How to know Lust and love.


A professor  of Rutgers University says “there are three aspects to romantic love”.  Lust often comes first, but not always.

Moreover, people who do not have sexual desire do not have lust in love but the feeling or experience of lust is a game of hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

They affect your sexual ability and desire. It’s purely physical, but it’s a desire to have lust or something like lust.


In any human, it can come from the DNA of their parents. You could say that if it were not for lust, the very existence of mankind on earth would have ended.

The other side of romantic love is attraction. It is affected by a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

How to make difference between love and lust at work-places.

Love vs. Lust.
Love vs. Lust.

It is a biochemical released into our brain, which urges us to do something, but dopamine urges us to do the same thing over and over again, that is, to repeat this behavior.

Is love addictive?

For a human being, the feeling of immense attraction is like a drug.

Some people get caught up in it and are always looking for happiness in a new relationship through dopamine. It means you are addicted to love.

Dopamine depresses the part of the brain that controls logical thinking and correct behavior.

People can stay in this irrational honeymoon period for 18 months. Another hormone plays a role in attraction. Its name is norepinephrine.

It plays an important role in the body’s response. The palms of the lovers feel wet with sweat, heartbeat fast and fast breaths.

This is the same feeling that occurs during stress but it is good or positive stress.

The palms of lovers are wet with sweat, the heart beats faster.


Definition of Lust.

Two other hormones also work in this process. Oxytocin and vasopressin.

Oxytocin is a hormone that stimulates the throat. It is released during intercourse and and provokes the lust desire.


The same enhances the feeling of security and satisfaction. It encourages deepening of the relationship with the partner.

After lust, vasopressin is released and a feeling of satisfaction is created.

It can prey on more sensitive people because it affects the part of their brain where they see lust as a benefit and tend to repeat it.

Love Versus Lust.

In the process of love and lust, various hormones are working in your body.

This is another effect of hormones. The person you love. The desire to live with it grows, and this the main difference between love and lust.

If all goes well, love will take over your sense of stability and contentment over time.

Research shows that your kindness plays an important role in love. You could say that a long-term relationship is, in a way, an ongoing process of your kindness.

Negative part of Love.

There can be negative aspects of love.  Decreased levels of the hormone serotonin, the hormone that regulates or controls mood, can lead to feelings of insanity and jealousy.

In addition to, We all know that love does not last forever. Sometimes your heart can break in love and it can feel like a heart attack.


The stress we feel after a breakup is caused by chemicals that send physical pain signals to our brain.

This is how our brain interprets breakup as heartbreaking, but despite the heartbreak, people go through the phase of love with sweat-soaked palms and unusual behavior.

People fall in love and want to be drunk in love every day because dopamine stroke can overwhelm us but if you are not feeling love, then understand that your mind dominates your heart.

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