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How to become a self-employed and get a job.

How to become a self-employed and get a job


Self-employed person
Self-employed person

Unemployment is a world-wide phenomenon.  But, this is an admitted fact that job opportunities and self-employed job is always present around us.  Only, we have to decide whether we want to work and become self-employed or not.  Some time we do not like our current work.  We remain in search of a good job.  Always keep in mind that current ongoing work is reducing our problems and depression.

In present senior, we experience unemployment ratio in its peak day by day.  Moreover, Latest sources show that in the year 2020, Pakistan is at the ratio of 6.2 as for as unemployment is concerned. This calculation is not satisfactory for the growth rate of any country. Furthermore, studies transpire that the same was 3.02 in the preceding year of 2019.  Therefore, self-employed job will also reduce the unemployment.

Work and self-employed job can be found around us.

No doubt, unemployment is present.  But there are various jobs around us waiting for work.  Unfortunately, we do not want to work and consider it below our status.   In addition to, in this particular era, in the presence of computer and internet, we can work online while sitting in our homes.

Working online at home
Working online at home

We forget that the small business, when continue consecutively, make an economic man as a business man. Sometimes work and self-employed job is always waiting nearby us.  It will be reflected to us when we revolve our mind around us.

Best formula to resolve unemployment

Various examples are present that people search out a job around them.  Moreover, they involved themselves in that work as a self-employed and became a successful business man. Muslims migrated from Makkah to Medina, in 622 A.D.

Abdul Rahman Bin Auf (R.A) was one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him).  All Muslim migrants were paired as brother of Ansar, the native people of Medina.  Hazrat Abdul Rahman bin Auf (R.A) was paired with Hazrat Saad Bin Arrabiah.  He offered his brother Abdul Rahman Bin Auf, Half of his farm House.  But Hazrat Abdul Rahman Bin Auf R.A asked the way of market from his brother.  After then, he went to the nearby market of Medina and started business of Yogurt (Dry butter milk and Oil).

To sum up,  we find various opportunities of job and self-employment around us.  If we utilize our energies, then it will not only reduce the un-employment but also become a source of happiness in our life.


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