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Honda CB 125F Price and specification.

The Honda CB 125 F – A Great Commuter Bike.

Honda CB 125 F
Honda CB 125 F

The Honda CB 125 F is a great motorcycle for first-time riders. Designed to be a good daily commuter, it’s also a great gateway machine to motorcycling and a riding school staple. The CB125F features an ergonomic riding position that offers optimum rider confidence. Its comfortable seat can accommodate two adults and comes equipped with a centre stand and passenger grab rail.

Redesigned frame.

In the wake of the 2015 redesign, the Honda CB 125F was further revised to offer more comfort and performance. The bike was fitted with a new ‘naked’ look reminiscent of larger CB models, a responsive, new frame, and a brand new suspension system. The engine’s balanced, twin-shock setup delivers strong torque in the low-to-mid-range, and the bike also features a revised PGM-FI system and a balance shaft. New for 2017, the bike has been made Euro4 compliant and features a gear position indicator.

The Honda CB 125F’s styling is derived from the larger CB models, and it also features LED headlights and a new lamp mask. The Honda eSP motor is lighter than before, allowing for a reduction of up to 27 percent in fuel consumption. It will also boast an improved ignition system with an integrated starter generator. The new CB125F should weigh only 117 kilograms when ready to ride, thanks to a redesigned frame and engine. Fuel consumption is also expected to be 1.5 liters per hundred kilometers, with a range of over 700km.

The Honda CB125F is also lighter, thanks to its redesigned frame and redesigned bodywork. It features an LED headlight and a new digital dash, complete with an eco-meter. The bike is equipped with a 124cc eSP engine, which helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce overall weight. The bike also boasts 27% improved fuel efficiency, and its engine is now a Euro5-friendly Smart Power eSP design.

31mm telescopic forks.

If you’re in the market for a good commuter bike, consider the Honda CB 125F. Its sleek, air-cooled single cylinder engine and 31mm telescopic front forks offer excellent control and comfort, and its dual-shocks feature five-step preload adjustability. For added safety, the Honda CB 125 F features a 130mm drum brake at the rear. With its many innovations and improvements, the Honda CB125F is a great choice for the average commuter.

The CB 125 F’s 31mm telescopic forks allow the rider to reach all levels of the suspension with varying degrees of stiffness. The bike’s front suspension is adjustable by five steps, while its rear suspension system is set at a low setting. The Honda CB 125 F features stylish 18-inch split-spoke wheels that increase stability and ride quality on rough city streets. The front wheels have 80/100 tyres, while the rear ones have a 130mm drum.

The Honda CB 125 F comes with an analogue instrumentation panel, two-piece seat, and wide handlebars. Other features include analogue instrumentation dials and a chrome-plated exhaust system. Other features include a 31mm telescopic front fork, adjustable rear monoshock, chrome-plated exhaust system, and analogue instrumentation panels.

Dual-shock absorbers.

The Honda CB 125 F boasts dual rear shock absorbers with five-step preload adjustment and a 31mm telescopic fork. It rides on 18-inch die-cast aluminium wheels that improve stability and ride quality on city streets. Dual piston 240mm front discs and 130mm rear drums work to keep the bike stable on rough surfaces. A front and rear shock absorber can be adjusted separately to suit different riding styles.

The Honda CB 125 F features a steel frame with Diamond-type components. Its dual-shock absorbers offer outstanding traction and reduce the risk of wheel slamming. The CB125F’s traction control is outstanding, while its fuel efficiency is above average. A typical tank of petrol will last about 330 miles before needing to be refilled. The Honda CB125F also has low maintenance costs – servicing and tyres will cost around PS120 and 60 pounds respectively.

If you’re unsure about which shocker is best for your CB 125 F, consider a replacement. If you’re not happy with the original, you can purchase a new set from Hagon. Hagon makes a wide range of replacement shock absorbers for vintage motorcycles. If you’re not happy with the current shock, it’s best to buy a new one that is of higher quality.

240 mm 2-piston caliper disc brake.

The Honda CB 125 F features a 240 mm brake disc, paired with double piston calipers. Instead of ABS, the motorcycle uses a combined braking system that applies the front brake only slightly when the foot brake is applied. New for 2021, the Honda CB 125 F gets aggressive new styling, including a new fuel tank that follows the design of the CB-R Neo Sports Cafe. It also gains CBS brakes.

Other notable features include an air-cooled 124cc single engine with a low-friction design. Its low-friction design makes it seven kilograms lighter than the previous version, and features a special oil jet underneath the piston to reduce friction and enhance power output. The Honda CB 125 F’s fuel tank is capable of delivering a range of up to 490 miles.

As a street-legal motorcycle, the Honda CB 125 F is a great option for commuters. It weighs just 282 pounds, making it a perfect commuter bike for crowded cities. As the first Honda model to be sold in the US, the CB125F is sure to prove a hit. With 19 patent applications, the CB125F is the most advanced CB in Honda history. With this bike, you will see a significant jump in fuel efficiency without losing any performance.


As a result of the improved performance, the CB125F comes with a new 240 mm 2-piston braking system. The caliper is also designed with the best-in-class performance. The Honda CB125F also has a new digital dash and LED headlights. The air-cooled single-cylinder eSP engine in the Honda CB125 F delivers a fuel efficiency of 65 km/l. The Honda CB 125 F’s fuel tank is broad-shouldered with silver side shrouds.

Comfortable around town.

For those who don’t want to risk the high cost of motor insurance, the Honda CB 125 F is a great choice. Its fuel economy and light weight make it ideal for town riding. Its performance is efficient and the bike is easy to handle. There are no problems tackling traffic or handling the road. It’s also incredibly comfortable around town. You’ll love riding this bike!

The Honda CB 125F is a sporty entry-level motorcycle designed for commuters, beginners and riding schools. The new bike has a fuel-efficient eSP engine and an ACG starter. Its bodywork takes styling cues from its bigger CB stablemates. Other features of the bike include a LED headlight, centre stand, and ECO meter.

The Honda CB 125F is one of the most popular commuter bikes on the market. It has a history of affordable and rugged commuter bikes, ranging from the CG126 in the 70s to the CB125F, which was released in 2015. The CBF125, which was Honda’s best-selling motorcycle in the UK, was replaced by the CB125F in 2015, which continues the tradition. Its predecessor, the CBF125, sold over 2000 units per year.


PKR. 273,900/=

The Honda CB 125F is a street commuter motorcycle with decent looks and refined engine. Its fuel efficiency is outstanding and gives adequate power to its rider. The bike is equipped with modern features like CBS and digital LCD console. Moreover, it has comfortable riding ergonomics that make it a good option for daily commuting. Moreover, its 11 litre fuel tank is sufficient enough for an entire day’s commute.

This is a new motorcycle from Honda and its price in the United States is expected to be around USD 1,249 when it is launched in the market. It features a sporty fuel tank, a black painted silencer, a stylish cover, an aluminium grab rail and a tail light that offers an aggressive look. The bike’s performance is also commendable, with its powerful front disc brake and 5-Gear Transmission.

The updated Honda CB 125F features a streamlined look with a wide fuel tank, a five-speed gearbox and a tubular steel frame. Its restyled bodywork also has LED headlights and a digital dash with eco-meter. The engine will be the same 124cc eSP that Honda used for the CB125F. The new Honda CB 125 F’s eSP engine is Euro5-compliant and delivers 27% fuel efficiency.


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