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Ehsas Programme web Portal Registration for unemployed

PM Ehsas portal Cash Programme for unemployed persons.


Ehsas unemployed portal Registration
Easha unemployed portal Registration


Ehsas cash Web Portal for Unemployed.

jobless during covid-19

Prime minister Imran Khan  has launched second phase of Ehsas Programme portal.   In the first phase of Ehsas programme, PM and his Ehsas team focused to provide maximum relief to poor and needy persons. Ehsas web portal for unemployed  is available for registration.

Deserving people, affected during corona virus have received the amount of Rs.12000/-.  People after getting registration in PM Ehsas Programme, immediately received the relief cash amount in critical situation of lock-down in the country.  Now Ehsas web portal is only for jobless people.


Second Phase for cash relief during coronavirus by Government.

Prim minister Imran Khan, while addressing in Islamabad said that people, who are deprived from their jobs during coronavirus pandemic, can register themselves in this website portal.

Prime minister, I.K also thanked the people of Pakistan, living abroad, for giving the donation in PM Ehsas Programme.

PM further stated that all the information regarding the disbursement of relief packages during the pandemic of covid-19 has been provided inthe web page and people can visit this page.

Moreover, PM said that during the coronavirus disease, more than 81 billion rupees are disbursed among the 68,0000 needy families.

Ehsas cash relief
Ehsas cash relief

Furthermore, PM says that this second phase of Ehsas programme is only for jobless people during Covid-19.  These people can register  themselves on Ehsas portal.  They will be provided relief of Rs.12000.  Definitely, it will helpful for them for the redressal of their grievances to some extent.

Prime Minister has also started Kamyab Jawan Programme.  For applying online, click below.




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