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Depression and Anxiety, its Symptoms and Treatment

What is Depression?

Depression is a world-wide phenomenon.  It remained in different shapes affecting the people in different ways in their lives.  Depression and anxiety also developed with the advancement and thereunder in the development of living of mankind.  Latest figures transpire that more than 322 million people are affected by the depression in all over the world.  Depressions affects without discrimination of gender. Depression and Anxiety, its Symptoms and Treatment are the main objectives of this article.

There are many reasons behind depression and anxiety.  Losing of your loved ones, deprived from job, poverty and now a days, social distance is also affecting on the minds as well as lives of humanity.  Many symptoms of depression are common among all the people. In the mild depressive situation, sadness, melancholic feelings and feeling of loneliness are main symptoms of depression.   

Anxiety is some steps advanced from the depression.  Before discussing anxiety and its effects on human mind and social life, it is necessary to discuss the two major parts of depression.  There are two parts of depression and depressive mood.


One can recognize conscious depression. In more simple way conscious depression occurs when we lose our love ones or with whom our affiliation is part of our life.  In these situations, we know the back-ground of depression.


Unconscious depression is more painful.  It accelerates in the background of our mind.  We do not know the reason behind the depression.  Some time we encourage ourselves in melancholic condition, knowing better that it is harmful for our health condition.  Sadness prevails when we are sitting alone or with someone, and remind no exact reason behind it.

Anxiety is some steps ahead from the depression.  Sometimes one can receive panic attacks from anxiety.  The most peak level of anxiety is when someone losing its senses. All the body started to go in cold condition.  But keep in mind, this worse condition of anxiety is also not fatal for life.  Temporarily, taking some juices, or fresh boiled milk take away the patient to its normal situation. 

So, in conclusion we discussed Depression and Anxiety, its Symptoms and Treatments in detail. It is very necessary to get the treatment of depression and anxiety.  But here, the choice of psychologist or psychiatrist is very important.  In the modern days, depression and anxiety has been admitted like any other disease and its treatment is also available in hospitals.  Its treatment is not costly but stays for a long period.  By taking medicines regularly and keeping walk, one can overcome easily to develop and enhance the capacity of our mind while living in social life.

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