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Israel, UAE peace agreement and its impact

UAE Israel peace agreement.

Israel, UAE peace agreement and its impact The UAE surprised the world by announcing the establishment of normal relations with Israel. In a joint statement on August 13, making it the first Arab country to establish relations with Israel. Israel and UAE peace agreement have wider impact over gulf countries. …

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Contraceptive Methods and Women Health.


Contraceptives Methods and Women Health. Pakistan has become the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population. The government has  launched a family planning program to control the health and population of its citizens. Different contraceptive methods are used in different countries as well as women health is …

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UP COMING JOBS IN PPSC.   Punjab public service commission is going to announce lot of jobs through advertisements.  Through its official website, lot of jobs of lecturers male and females are under process and will be announced soon. In addition to, lot of vacancies of lecturer, 1016 vacancies for …

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Sheikh Saadi and his Books Gulistan and Bostan

Sheikh Saadi

History of Sheikh Saadi. During one of the most disturbing periods in Iranian history during thirteenth century, the famous Persian poet Saadi left his hometown of Shiraz to study in Baghdad. From Sheeraz, he traveled long distances and returned to his bustling city, after three decades. His city, Sheeraz, was …

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Beautiful quotes of a businessman in an interview

beautiful quotes of a businessman

Beautiful quotes of a business man in an interview. The interview was in progress, but the beautiful quotes uttered by that business man were very heart touching.  Those beautiful quotes were as following:- No person with only government job will get prosperity. A man starts his own economic life when …

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What to do when you lose your job

After losing a job

What to do when you lose your job   Losing a job is very panic moment for every employee.  When someone is expelled from any department and lose his job, definitely, unconscious fear is ready to welcome him.  At that time, most people think that they have lost everything.  But …

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What is Zakat Fitrah Fitrana in 2021

Zakat-ul-Fitr solve the financial problems of poor

What is Zakat Fitrah Fitrana in 2021 Muslims all over the world celebrate the month of Ramadan as fasting.  In the month of Ramadan, all the Muslims keep fasting and after completing the month of Ramadan, they celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.  It is necessary for all the Muslims to pay Zakat Fitrah …

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How to become a self-employed and get a job.

Self-employed person

How to become a self-employed and get a job   Unemployment is a world-wide phenomenon.  But, this is an admitted fact that job opportunities and self-employed job is always present around us.  Only, we have to decide whether we want to work and become self-employed or not.  Some time we …

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How to Get Govt Job Quickly

Government job

How to Get Govt Job Quickly Some times in life, but not always, it becomes very  necessary for a person to get job quickly, and almost,  preference is government job.  Due to competition in govt jobs, it’s not easy to get it very quickly and easily.   In this era of …

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