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Brutal Murder of a Bride in District Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Pakistan.

Brutal Murder of a Bride in District Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Pakistan.

It was the morning of 4th July 2020. Her husband asked Naila ( not the original name) to go for entertainment and visiting his family members on car. Their marriage was solemnized one month ago. The bride was very happy as it was first time in month of their marriage that her husband was talking with her in pleasant manner. She does not know the intention of her husband that his pleasant attitude towards her was due to his bad intention and she will be killed brutally.

It was a forced marriage on both sides by the parents which was resulted into  brutal murder after one month by the hands of her husband. The occurrence took place on the day of 4th July, 2020 in Mauza Mirhatt Peer Adil, Tehsil and District, Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab Province, Pakistan.

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FIR against accused

Naila ( not original name) was living a happy life with her parents. She was a women folk, purely with Eastern Nature. She was younger from all of her brothers and a sisters, that is why her all wishes were completed well in time. Allah Almighty gifted her with smiling face. She was very pious  and keep fasting permanently during Ramadan and offer prayers regularly.

One day her Uncle came to their home and asked for marriage of Naila (not original name) to his father with her son. Being brothers, it was accepted by her father. When son of his uncle came to know regarding his marriage, he categorically denied marrying to Naila. Anser ( not original name) did not want to marry with her cousin.

When this fact was brought to Naila, she also asked her father to change his decision about her marriage. But this bitter reality of negation was not acceptable to both brothers (Father of Naila and Anser, not original names). Both even physically tortured their children and consequently both accepted to marry. Naila (not original name) got forced marriage with her cousin. After marriage, though all other family members being close relative were pleasant towards her, but attitude of her husband was not good. How this worse idea came to her husband that he decided to kill her wife, this is still question mark?—.

On 4th July 2020, her husband asked her to go on visit to their close relatives. After breakfast, both visited the houses of sisters ofNaila’s who were already married to nearby village. During this time her husband took her to Indus River. He wanted to pull her into river but could not manage. Then he brought her to the house of sister of her father on Car where both took lunch. Then he took her towards a paved road near Police chowki Bhati Maitla, of Police Station, Shah Sadar Din. When they crossed Mirhatta School, he stopped the car on the road.

People of the vicinity suspected on that day that why a car with couple is roaming since morning on this road. Suddenly he took the car on road on a small canal. When they reached near home of Ghulam Murtaza Shah, he made blow of knife on the left side of her wife and also injured himself  by knife. It was his thinking that he will name all this scene as a docoity.

But a farmer, near the road was seeing all this scenario. During quarrel, he informed the local police, which was luckily, patrolling near the road. Police saw this brutal murder with his own eyes. Now the State is complainant of this case. The accused, her husband was arrested and now he’s behind the bar.

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