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Best Engine oil for Bikes in Winter Season.

Best Engine oil for Bikes in Winter Season.

During the winter season, we observe that the motor bikes could not start property and every bike rider is asking to the mechanics for best engine oil for bikes in the winter season.   There is no exaggeration that bike engine has different need of engine oil both during the summer and winter.  So we should be very careful while purchasing engine oil for bikes during the winter season.

Best engine oil for bike during winter season.
Best engine oil for bike during winter season.

The Role of Engine oil in Bike During the Winter Season.

The Engine oil plays a very significant role both in summer and winter seasons.   Usually, most the mechanics recommends that we should always use the 20W 50 oil in our bikes both in summer and winter seasons.  This practice is not good and not healthy for the smooth working of our motorcycles.  Keep in minds that the manufacturers have not made the brands of oil starting from 0W to 20 W and from 20to 50 without any purpose..

So for the smooth working of our bikes during the winter season we should at least use the mobile oil of 10W 40.  It is best grade oil for smooth working of clutch plates and other parts of the Engine of bikes.  So, during the winter seasons, we should not compromise with the usage of oil during the winter seasons.


This may be costly to some extent.  But this oil is very better for bike during the winter seasons.


In the summer seasons, I use the 20W 50 oil in my bike and during the winter season I use 10w 40 oil in my bike..  During the coldest days in January, I use 10w 30 oil in my bike. During the winter season 10W 30 oil give me the best starting for my bike and that is why, my bike engine and clutch plates remained very good and active during the every seasons.   I hope this will very helpful for you as for as the usage of mobile oil in your bike during the winter seasons is concerned.  I hope that you will also give me your opinion and review on the above subject.

The detail review of the use of oil during winter season in the bikes is as under..

Mobil oil 1 0w-40, like all common non-vehicle-specific plastics, works flawlessly in wet clutch engines, including wet engines with automatic centrifugal clutch (such as Honda Cubs, etc.). I’ve used it on every bike I’ve owned since the early 90’s.

Engine oil for bikes.
Engine oil for bikes.

“Cold start” doesn’t mean ice and snow. This means starting when the engine has not yet reached the required temperature. In the middle of the Arizona desert, an engine “cold” to a halt for several minutes.

Oil viscosity is measured at two temperature points…40°C for the lower number…in this case 0W and 100°C for the higher number.

Therefore, 0w-40 behaves like 0 weight oil when the oil is at 40 degrees C (very hot bath temperature) and behaves like 40 weight oil when the engine is really warm.


Oil weighing 0 at 40 degrees is still FOUR TIMES DOWN than oil weighing 40 at 100 degrees C

Your engine is designed to be properly lubricated at 100 degrees C so you should always wait until it is 5 to 10 miles (depending on crankcase capacity) before it runs out and cycles so your oil is scarce enough to circulate quickly enough for it to properly lubricate. remove heat from the burn zone.

Using full speed before full heat will cause engine wear. The engine does not wear when the oil is really hot and wears only when it is cold, when the heat of combustion is too high to handle the viscous cold oil.

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