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Benefits of napping|| short period of time which helps us to stay in a good mood.

With long hours of work and long to-do lists, we have to do a few things at a time, while some things we want to do on our own. That is why it is not easy for us to maintain our energy levels from morning to night.  We gain many benefits of napping, for a short period of time which also helps us to stay in a good mood.

In the hardworking of time and in the middle of the day we should reset button to keep up with the work and give a new energy to the work that is still before us from the beginning? Start over, like we’re a computer?

That button, or at least one mechanism that accomplishes the same task, exists in the form of a brief nap or blink of an eye, which, according to the growing evidence of science, is a valuable tool for restoring our own mental capacity and energy. This source will help us with many benefits of napping, for a short period of time which also helps us to stay in a good mood.

Guy Meadows, a sleep physiologist and co-founder of The Sleep School in London, explains: They are born in (our body) after we wake up. ‘

From the moment we wake up, a chemical called adenosine, a by-product of metabolism in the brain, begins to grow.

“The longer you stay awake, the more adenosine accumulates in your brain, thus increasing your sense of sleep,” he says.

Meadows says that when we blink for a while, ‘We reduce adenosine, thus we reduce the metabolism in our system a little bit, and it helps to increase our energy levels and give us more. It awakens and awakens. ‘

It helps us to ‘improve our mood, react more quickly (to different types of stimuli), reduce our chances of making mistakes and focus more on what we have to do in the afternoon.’

The benefits described by Meadow, especially for short-term eye contact (also called ‘power knaps’ because of the energy they provide), which should be 10 to 20 minutes in length, are provided by Indicate the benefits made.  This is what we can gain  many benefits of napping, for a short period of time which also helps us to stay in a good mood

Sarah Maddick, a sleep researcher in her book, Take a Kneep! “If what we’re looking for is improving memory, creativity, our cognitive functions, or the process of acquiring knowledge, then 90 minutes is a long eye,” says Change Your Knap.

In the longest nap, between 60 and 90 minutes, we enter the REM phase (REM stands for ‘Rapid Eye Movement’). “This is the kind of sleep we get at night and that’s why it has the same benefits,” says Sarah Mednick, and scientists have been researching the effects of sleep for over 20 years.

Get a nap training, to get maximum benefits of napping, for a short period of time which also helps us to stay in a good mood.

But let’s focus on the eye-catching moments, because searching for an hour and a half at some point in the middle for nap of the day is not for everyone – unless we live in a country where naps are an integral part of their culture. Be that as it may, in Spain or Greece, where working hours are determined by the habits of the people.

As Meadows points out, keeping a close eye for a short time is like swimming or riding a motorcycle, a skill that requires training but is acquired in a short time and without much effort. can go.

“If you want to learn, set the alarm to make sure you’re not getting too much sleep,” he says. If you practice sleeping at the same time every day, your body will develop the habit of associating this activity with a specific time.


He added: “It will take about three months for a person who can’t keep an eye on a casual worker or take a nap, for a short period of time which also helps me to stay in a good mood

The important thing is that we do not force ourselves to sleep, but just to relax on the bed, chair or any other comfortable place, darken the room or use a mask to cover the eyes, from this moment on. Try to take advantage.

It is also advisable to stop looking at the phone or reading emails five minutes before taking a nap, take a deep breath and maybe drink some water. In short, relax and unwind.

So without feeling go

Some people say that it is impossible for them to sleep for 15 minutes in the middle of the day because they cannot sleep so easily. But according to Meadows, we often fall asleep without realizing it.

A study in which people were allowed to sleep (while electrodes were placed on their heads to determine what stage of sleep they were in) showed that when they went through the first stage, which is very light , And then they woke up. And when asked if they were awake or asleep, 65% said they stayed awake all the time, even though they weren’t awake.

“It simply came to our notice then. ‘

But other than that, the benefits of short-sightedness or taking a nap are not only gained when we fall asleep, but also by closing and closing our eyes for 10 to 20 minutes.

This sleep interval is good for those who have slept well before night and also for those who have not slept, although it should be kept in mind that we should not sleep more than a certain time (20 minutes short). In case of sleep, and 90 minutes for complete sleep nap) if we do not want to feel cheap when we wake up.


A suggestion that appears on various Internet sites suggests that you drink coffee for a short time before the eyes, because the effects of caffeine begin to be felt about 20 minutes after eating, when you wake up. There are.

This is not a good idea at all, according to Maddink.

There are many other ways to take advantage of the rest of the day for those who hate to stare at it for a short time.

“The idea of ​​taking a nap is to naturally rejuvenate us,” says the same researcher. Getting enough sleep in the afternoon is incredibly bad.

Mednick and colleagues conducted a 2008 study comparing the effects of 200 mg of caffeine (a cup of coffee) and a 60-90 minute nap memory test.

These functions are usually better at bedtime, with no caffeine or side effects.

However, the researcher noted that those who were not in the habit of taking a nap did not get any scientific benefits.

“People either like or dislike sleep,” she says.

“For some, sleep is the best way to relax and get back to work, but for others, it’s the wrong kind of rest.”

Mednick suggests finding an alternative to the latter, such as going for a walk, exercising or meditating.  But always keep in mind that there are many  benefits of napping, for a short period of time which also helps us to stay in a good mood.

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