beautiful quotes of a businessman

Beautiful quotes of a businessman in an interview

Beautiful quotes of a business man in an interview.

The interview was in progress, but the beautiful quotes uttered by that business man were very heart touching.  Those beautiful quotes were as following:-

  • No person with only government job will get prosperity.
  • A man starts his own economic life when he starts his own business.
  • beautiful quotes of a businessman
    beautiful quotes of a businessman

His second beautiful quote was about nexus of education with business.

  • Success and prosperity has no nexus with education.
  • If it is possible to earn money from education, then every professor of the word should be a millionaire.
  • Between the first thousand millionaires, no one is education expert or professor.
  • In this word, people with average education got prosperity. The reason behind it is that these people took the time as blessings and started their business during their education.
  • They put the success towards market despite of college and university.

That businessman while coding the beautiful quotes unveiled a reality that he never went to college.  He further disclosed that his company has thirty thousand educated male and female workers .  All these people have better vision and education as compare to him.  They can do better business, but they have no courage to leave the job.  They have no confidence over their own abilities.  He further added that if anyone can do work for him, why he is unable to work and start his own business.  Moreover, his heart touching saying beautiful quote were as

  • There is substitute of everything, but no substitute of hard work is available
  • There is no place for vagabond, but every place is ready to welcome a hard worker.

All these beautiful quotes are blessings for those young people who are still unemployed and they’re wandering to seek a job.  Better opportunities are available in this word, but it is upon us what we choose, our own business or consecutive tries to become an employee of a businessman.

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