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Benefits of Baby Massage.


Baby Massage is very popular especially in Asian Countries.  In Pakistan and India, baby massage is used from very early age of children which is very useful for their health.

Baby Massage.

Baby Massage for an infant.

Nail was born premature. The 36-month-old baby weighed 2.4kg. Naila’s family insisted that they try an ancient Indian tip that helps newborns develop, namely baby massage on daily basis.

However, her doctor was more cautious and advised Naila not to massage her until she gained more weight.

Her mother took the middle ground and decided not to baby massage for the first two weeks. During this time, her daughter gained very little weight. In one week, her daughter gained only 100 grams and her sleep was affected.

Her mother then hired a retired nurse to take care of the newborns and asked her how to do traditional baby massage and her daughter’s health began to improve. Her daughter not only started sleeping peacefully, but also began to gain weight.

She is not the only one who has had success after this experiment, now the evidence from the research is also showing the amazing benefits especially in South Asia, especially in premature babies.

What research say about the baby massage. 

Research shows that baby oil massage, when done correctly, increases the baby’s weight, protects the baby from bacterial infections, and reduces the infant mortality rate by up to 50 percent.

However, parents who are interested in this technique should first consult their doctor to make sure that baby massage is safe and appropriate for the child to do so.

Baby massage.
Baby massage.

Families who are fans of this tradition from generation to generation, this evidence confirms their own observations as for as the baby massage is concerned.

During an interview, an old lady says “When we were growing up, my mother used to tell me that she got well soon after I was born, even though I was her third child, and how I grew up well because she came home from the hospital,”  Since coming, I have started my daily massage regularly.

The newborn nurse taught her how to heat the oil oil for baby massage, when to use coconut and almond oil, and how to apply the oil on her daughter’s skin for half an hour a day, and then how to take a bath with hot water.

“We slowly started stroking the baby’s abdomen in the shape of a heart and then applied the procedure all over the body,” she says. Then we exercised their legs and put our toes on their foreheads to make sure there was no gas in their stomachs.

Researchers say that the benefits of baby massage for newborns for their health lasts a long time.


On his first trip to Bangladesh and India, Darmstadt observed that families, especially mothers and grandmothers, spent a lot of time to care for their new borne child. “When I found out it had been going on for centuries, I was amazed and then I started studying it,” he says.

In a 2008 study of 497 premature babies who were given daily baby  massages at a hospital in Bangladesh, Dermstat and colleagues found that this ancient way of life could save lives.

“We saw a significant 40 per cent reduction in the risk of infection and a 25-50 per cent reduction in the death rate,  which was significant,” he said, .

These results were particularly important for the care of premature babies. “In premature babies, the skin barrier doesn’t work well and that’s why you lose water through the skin,” he says. Water (from the body) evaporates very quickly, and with it the heat. It’s easy for such a baby to be hypothermic. ”  It only happens on regular baby massage.

When the body temperature drops too low, it can be fatal. “(That) baby is losing a lot of energy (fighting this heat loss),” he added. Energy that could otherwise be used in development and other aspects of physical activity.

Other researchers have found similar benefits for baby massage. Another study found that massage stimulates the vagus nerve, a long nerve vein that connects the brain and stomach, which improves digestion and absorbs nutrients. As a result, children gain weight. Daily abdominal baby massage can also reduce stress and pain, which can be especially important for premature newborns who spend several months alone in the hospital.

“We recommend that parents start massaging their children from birth,” says Tiffany Field, a professor of pediatrics, psychology and psychiatry at the University of Miami School of Medicine. She reviews and studies the massage of premature babies from different countries, but she also reminds parents that it is important to have the right technique for baby massage.

She says “The skin should be shaken with moderate pressure, but a very light hand can tickle a baby,” . Most young children do not enjoy it and it is not a cure.

Pranjali Bhonde, a writer based in Pune, West India, massages her 14-month-old baby Samar twice a day. He started this work from his birth. For the first four months, his mother helped him. Both enjoyed this activity.

Now, when she massages alone, she tries to keep her eye contact with the baby  and she also sings songs and poems to him. “It has strengthened our relationship,” she says. And I was watching how regular massage improved her sleep and her skin.


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