Atlas Honda Launches New CB125F bike on Independence Day.

Atlas Honda Launches New CB125F bike on Independence Day.


Atlas Honda limited is launching new Honda  CB 125 F bike in Pakistan to celebrate independence day. If you are looking for a new bike, you can’t go wrong with a Honda. The CB125F bike is one of the most popular bikes in Europe and has recently received several updates. This model shares a similar silhouette and general design to its predecessor, but has a variety of structural changes. It is also lighter than its predecessor in terms of overall kerb weight, which makes it a great option for new riders.

Limited edition model of Honda CB 125 F bike on independence day.

Atlas Honda is releasing a special version of the CB125F motorcycle in Pakistan on Independence Day. The bike will feature green stickers on the back and white bodywork. It will also feature black, blue, and red color schemes, 5-speed transmission, and similar alloy wheels. Though the new motorcycle looks sharp and different from the old model, the new version retains many of the same features. For instance, it comes with a more aggressive styling than the regular model.

The limited edition CB125F will be available only in Pakistan, according to Atlas Honda. This variant would be exclusive and may fetch a price premium. The normal CB125F costs Rs. 273,900, while the limited edition version might be even more expensive. There’s no word yet on when the limited edition CB125F will be available for purchase, but it is likely to be priced higher than the normal version.

Price increase of Honda CB 125 F bike on independence day.

Atlas Honda, the country’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is launching the limited edition model of the new CB 125F on Independence Day. The bike will be available next week for Rs. 273,900 and will come with green and white stickers on the body. Standard CB125F features are the same as the limited edition model, including alloy wheels and a sharp design. The limited edition model is expected to be sold out in a few weeks.

The 125cc single-cylinder engine has been tuned to meet Euro5 standards and is paired with a digital dash that includes an eco-meter. The Honda CB125F also boasts of a new linked braking system, which disperses braking pressure onto the front wheel when the user applies the rear brake. This feature is a clear advantage for new riders, as it makes for a more stable ride. The new CB125F will be available exclusively in Europe.


With the arrival of its brand new CB125F, Honda is reintroducing the famous commuter bike. The motorcycle is incredibly lightweight and inexpensive to buy and run. Despite its cheap price, it still proves to be a very reliable motorcycle. Honda has also reduced the kerb weight by 11kg compared to its predecessor. The company has incorporated all the latest technology in the bike to further enhance its performance and functionality.

The new model will be a bit different than the current model, but will retain the same 124cc single-cylinder engine. The bike will also be sold in limited numbers and will come with a new adhesive sticker. Prices for both the normal and limited edition models will be the same. The price of the new bike will be Rs. 273 900, while the normal version will cost Rs. 290,000 or more.


The new CB125F from Honda is a mid-size bike that is aimed at commuters. It is lightweight and inexpensive to purchase and operate. Compared to the standard CG125, the CB125F is sleeker and more stylish. It will also be available in different colors, including white, blue, and red. The CB125F is also equipped with a standard start-stop system.

The CB125F is based on the CG125 motorcycle that was first launched in Pakistan in the early 1990s. The new model follows the same basic principle as its predecessor. The CB125F’s 124cc single-cylinder engine is tuned to produce 10.7 bhp at 7,750 rpm. It will also feature an off-set cylinder, which is similar to the one found in other Honda commuter bikes.


The Honda CB 125 F is a sport bike that is sold in limited editions. This motorcycle is painted in white with green decals on the body. The standard model is available in black, blue, and red colors and has similar features, including alloy wheels and a five-speed transmission. The CB 125 F comes with a number of modern features, including LED lighting, CBS, and a digital LCD console.

The standard CB125F model costs Rs. 273,900 and is based on the CG125, which has been in the market for nearly two decades. The CB 125 F features a slightly modified 124cc 4-stroke pushrod engine that produces 10 hp and is mated to a five-speed transmission. However, this engine is crude and outdated and is not recommended for the millennials who are searching for a modern motorcycle.

Available in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda will release the new CB125F motorcycle in Pakistan on the nation’s independence day. The white body and green decals on the limited-edition bike should be a striking combination. The standard CB125F is priced at Rs. 273,900, while the limited-edition model is unknown. The basic CB125F follows the same basic principles as the CG125, including a five-speed transmission. Despite its unique color scheme, the CB125F is not a superbike.

The 2019 model comes with Euro II technology and a lower weight than the previous model. This makes it more fuel efficient and has a superior power-to-weight ratio. It also features an attractive speedometer and alloy rims. Those looking for a great bike should consider the CB125F 2022 Limited Edition. It will be available from next week, and it will cost Rs. 273,900.


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