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Apple introduces new iphone 14

Apple introduces new iphone 14.

I phone 14
I phone 14


Apple introduces iPhone 4 in two sizes namely iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.  These new phones have the ability to send emergency calls via satellite.

The phone has information about satellites in space and tells the device to point them in the right way.

It takes anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes to send a message through it. Ben Wood, Chief Analyst at CCS Insight, explains that ‘investments in adding satellite capability cannot be taken lightly.’

“It would have taken Apple several years, during which time it contracted Globalstar and built the infrastructure to deliver messages to the emergency services.”

Technology analyst Paolo Pescatore says he believes the innovation is good news for users who live in remote areas.

Apple introduces iPhone 4 with features as”It’s good that phone companies are now thinking seriously about using satellite because quick and efficient communication is still very important to consumers,” he said.


Iphone 14 Camera.
Iphone 14 Camera.

iPhone 14 camera

Apple also unveiled the iPhone 14’s new 12-megapixel camera, which is capable of taking photos of fast-moving objects, and the company claims it’s 49 percent better than previous phones in capturing images in extremely low light. is better.

Its front camera has also added an auto focus option which will improve the quality of selfies. According to Apple, iPhone users have taken more than three trillion photos in the past 12 months.

The iPhone 14 costs $799 in the US and £849 in the UK.

iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple has also introduced iPhone 14 pro.  The biggest change in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is at the top of the screen.

A new feature ‘Dynamic Island’ has been introduced and it replaces the black notch that many iPhone users have complained about. It changes its appearance based on notifications.

The other big change in Apple iPhone 4 is that this phone can always be on. When the phone is not being used, the screen dims and the refresh rate decreases.

The handset is also available in Deep Purple, Black, Silver and Gold. The iPhone 14 Pro costs $999 in the US and £1,099 in the UK.

AirPods in Apple iPhone 4

AirPods Pro are easier to find than the phones that came before them. Each of them is equipped with a system.   It has the ability to find other earphones because if it is thrown out of its case, it keeps emitting a specific sound.

There is also a speaker installed inside the case.   It emits a loud sound when contacted by the ‘Find Me’ app.

The new AirPods are priced at $249 in the US and £249 in the UK.


Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a number of new features.  It includes car crash detection, temperature sensors that can track ovulation cycles, and a new low-power mode option.

In the US, people are particularly wary of using period trackers.  It is  because of the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion, and many women fear that law enforcement might find them illegal. Do not use against.

Apple says data on its devices is encrypted to keep it private and requires a passcode or biometric to gain access.

“We’re taking our commitment to women’s health even further,” said Jeff Williams, the company’s chief operating officer.

Apple said ovulation reminders can help people who are trying to conceive. If this feature is enabled, the new watch will measure your body temperature every five seconds and indicate ovulation through slight fluctuations.


Apart from this, the feature of marking an accident to the vehicle is also new. With the help of sensors, the watch will be able to detect major incidents and immediately notify the emergency services for the wearer, as well as provide the location to the emergency contacts.

The Series 8 also now has a Low Power Mode, a feature borrowed from the iPhone that can ensure up to 36 hours of battery life. The Apple Watch Series 8 is priced at $399 in the US and £419 in the UK.


Apple Watch Ultra

It’s a watch that won’t get damaged while swimming, in dust, or by falling.   Apple has introduced a new competition watch for Garmin, Polar and other such watch makers.

Ultramarathon competitor Scott Jurek appears at the presentation that unveiled the watch. All Ultra watches have a battery life of 36 hours on a single charge and a total battery life of 60 hours.

Apple claims that the watch has enough battery life.   It allow users to complete an ultra-triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling and running.

The Apple Ultra Watch costs $799 in the US and £849 in the UK.


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