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Coronavirus updates and information

Coronavirus updates and information

Coronavirus Updates and Information The devastating affect of coronavirus is still continuing in different countries without matching racism colour and religion.  In some countries it has bitter affects and some countries are still saving from its haphazardness. It has changed the scenarios of social as well as business life.  Millions …

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How to sleep fast

HOW TO SLEEP FAST. Sleeping fast is the wish of everybody especially with growing age.  A child needs more sleeping  especially in the night as compare to aged person.  But sleeping well and in time, is necessary for good health and smooth working in life.  As the age increases, sleeping …

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What is Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation

What is difference between quarantine and isolation.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN QUARANTINE AND ISOLATION Quarantine and isolation’re two different terms.  Both quarantine and isolation’re different with its meaning and practice.  The word quarantine is new for most people. During the pandemic disease, many decades before, this practice was common.   Furthermore, the term quarantine and isolation’ve been found since 14th …

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Coronavirus Self Assessment Test Covid-19


Corona Virus, known as Covid-19 is a world-wide disease that was never seen in human beings. It  was the disease of animals and birds that has broken out in the human beings.    This is a new form, found in the family of viruses.   Firstly, it was broken out in Wuhan, …

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What is best topic for a website.

Best ideas for creating a website.

What is best topic for a website. When one starts a website or a blog, then one must has ideas to write articles for blog or website, and the first question is what should be the best topic for a website. The first question is about the best topics for …

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Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Earn money online.

If you‘re interested to earn money online, then you‘re on right post.  In this post, I shall tell you very easy ways to earn money online.  Some instruments ‘re very necessary for earning online.  You need a computer and an internet connection.  Now days, it’s not necessary to have a …

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What is Fascism and its history


History of Fascism. ? It means dictatorship, ruled by one person through a military group.  It’s history lays in the era of 1919 to 1945, fascism dominated many societies and countries.  In-fact, after the word wars, ruling concept by one military dictator group emerged.  Example of Fascism is Benito Mussolini …

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