How difficult is to become a doctor

difficulty to become a doctor

How difficult is to become a doctor It was a time when parents made efforts for their child to be a doctor or an engineer in Pakistan. This kind of desire of the parents and their repeated mention made the children think that their success depends entirely on becoming a doctor …

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Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir.

Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir. In the summer season, we five friends started our journey on our bikes from Dera Ghazi Khan to Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, to cover almost all area, till Tao Butt, line of Control.  If we take a gist of length of Neelam valley, Muzaffarabad to Tau Butt, …

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How to get corona vaccine certificate online.

corona vaccine online certificate.

How to get corona vaccine certificate online.   It is very necessary for every citizen of Pakistan to get vaccinated from any corona vaccination centre established in every District of Pakistan.  It will become hard even to travel without vaccination.  To get the vaccine certificate is necessary for every citizen.  …

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Electric Cars in Pakistan.

Electric car.

Electric Cars in Pakistan. In Pakistan, three cars are locally manufactured for less than 850 cc because that were being manufactured locally, so it was expected that cars would be cheaper, but it is not the case.  Now it is expected that after import of electric cars, the rates will …

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Salient Features of Federal Budget 2021-22

Salient Features of Federal Budget 2021-22. The federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has presented the country’s deficit budget 2021-22 of Rs 8400 billion in the National Assembly. This is the third federal budget presented by the PTI government. The federal budget has been described by the government as a …

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Intensity of cyclone tokte has been decreased.

cyclone tauktae

Intensity of cyclone tokte has been decreased.  The strongest hurricane affecting the region since 1998. The tornado hit the coast of the Indian state of Gujarat at a speed of 160 km per hour, after which intensity of Cyclone tokte  has decreased. The storm was considered extremely severe. The cyclone …

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What are the characteristics of a genius.

genius people.

Characteristics of a genius. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso did not understand the alphabet and dreams were found in rabbits in the Walt Disney classroom .The British author was not allowed to go to school but her brothers studied at Cambridge. Charles Darwin’s school performance was so bad that his father …

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Effect of permission to import sugar and cotton from India.

Effect of permission to import sugar and cotton from India. The meeting of the Federal Government’s Economic Coordination Committee was chaired by the country’s new Finance Minister Hamad Azhar. Hamad Azhar has recently been given the portfolio of Finance Ministry in place of Dr. Hafeez Sheikh. Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry …

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